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                                           Outdoor Training

                                                  Training never has to be boring if you're outside !

                  Fresh air leads to the release of happiness hormones and boosts your immune system.

                                             Nearby parks offer ideal venues for resistance training.

A bodyweight and resistance band workout using park benches, trees and inclined paths will enhance your coordination, balance, and mobility in particular.

In a world full of movement, throwing, lifting, pushing, climbing, running and balancing are all quite normal.

These natural, primal movements influence the way I personal train.

Combining bodyweight exercises with balls, bags, ropes and much more, these functional exercises will not only allow you to perform daily life activities more easily, but enhance your overall fitness and general health in these 4 areas. 

1. Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise

2. Muscular strength

3. Muscular endurance

4. Flexibility

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