Personal Training

It's not where you start but where you finish that counts !

Trying to find the right Personal Trainer for your specific needs can be a tricky business.

I'm here to get a very specific job done.

That job is the one you set for me.

To achieve your own unique version of improved health , fitness and /or physical appearance.


Webcam F.I.T.

Train Anywhere / Anytime !

Webcam P.T. is a virtual, live, one 2 one personal training service. All you need is a mobile phone, laptop, or computer.

This is not a pre-recorded workout. Your trainer has visual and audio contact with you throughout the entire session and can correct, demonstrate and motivate you instantly.  

I will supply you with all the necessary workout equipment ( resistance bands and tubes, medicine balls, dumbbells etc. ) 

Workout in the comfort of your own home, garden, at the office, hotel room or even on holiday.

No more wasted gym membership. No more time consuming traveling back and forth, looking for a parking space.

Webcam P.T. offers 24/7 Personal Training, so you can workout when it suits you best.


Outdoor Training

Training never has to be boring if you're outside !

Who doesn't need some fresh air after a long day at work. Fresh air leads to the release of happiness hormones and boosts your immune system.

Nearby parks offer ideal venues for resistance training.

A bodyweight and resistance band workout using park benches, trees and inclined paths will enhance your coordination, balance, and mobility in particular.


Fitness Consulting


Did you join the gym, motivated , full of energy,  ready to burn calories and drop a few Kilos ? 

For the first couple of months you’ll be pushing those weights 3-4 times weekly, lounging on the recumbent bike for 60 min and jumping from one resistance machine to another . At the moment your mind is focussed on reaching your fitness goals and all other appointments and necessities can be rearranged.

Then it happens. Doubt and unsureness begins to bother you and you’re asking yourself

- Why am i not losing weight ?
- Why am i not gaining any muscle ?

You’ll be searching through the overload of information available in magazines and the web. Do you feel that every instructor , therapist and friend you talk to, gives out different advice? 

Are your friends getting results , but the same workout is getting you nowhere ?

Are you going to starve yourself ? Begin a crazy weight loss diet ? Spend hundreds on supplements ?