Benefits of WEBCAM F.I.T.

Look Good, Feel Good

Webcam F.I.T. offers you one on one training in a comfortable environment.

Webcam F.I.T. offers focused attention. Free from any interuptions and distractions. This allows the client the chance to ask any questions without feeling silly ,and allows the trainer to design or tweak a program based on the client's current ability level.

Learn new tricks : There are so many fun , different exercises that can be done at home , at the office or in the garden.  

Mums and Housewives

No more excuses !

There are many mums and housewives that would like to take a more acitve approach to their personal  health and fitness. However they face many obstacles that some of us do not.

 -Do you not have a fitness center that is located near you personal residence ? 

-Does your fitness center not provide child  care ?

 -Do you spend enough time driving back and forth from work , school and running errands ?

 No longer will you be required to squeeze in a workout when its not convenient. Your Webcam F.I.T. Personal Trainer can train you when it best fits in your shedule.

Train with a friend.  Bring them along and try a duo workout. Training with a friend is fun and can boost your performance. Listen to your favourtie music. In the comfort of your home there is no queuing up for machines.


Workout on the go !

If work keeps you frequently away from home , you know how challenging it can be to maintain your fitness program. Travel time and meetings  might leave little room in your schedule for a workout.

At the office or abroad on business ?  Most people have plenty of room to work out in the confines of their office or hotel room. The open space provides the perfect place for cardiovascular exercises such as jumping jacks and body weight exercises like pushups and squats. Take with you a set of resistance bands, which are light and easy to pack in your luggage.

You will feel great when you return home slimmer than when you left, rather than having to lose a few pounds from the buffet breakfasts , cocktail hours and late night business dinners. 

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