INvest in your health and wellbeing

Personal Training

BYTX Studio Zürich 

JAY Personal Training Zürich

  5 x 60min              CHF.  875.-    

10 x 60min              CHF. 1500.-



Consultation and Trial session   

2 x 60 Min                CHF. 200.-  


Personal Training Outdoors

 5  x 60min           CHF.   875.-

10 x 60min           CHF. 1500.-

20 x 60min           CHF. 2500.-

Webcam Fitness

10 x 30min          From    CHF. 500.-

10 x 60min          From    CHF. 800.-

Steele - F.I.T. bills all personal training clients on a Pre - Pay basis.

Swisstraining Aarau

Please contact me for details

Cancellation Policy

Steele - F.I.T. works on a scheduled appointment basis. In order for us to effectively use our time, i ask that you give 24 hours notice when canceling an appointment. All sessions cancelled inside 24 hours will be billed at the normal rate of a single session

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